In With a Shout is a contemporary, African jazz-fusion project lead by saxophonist Dan Shout featuring music arranged for three saxophones and doubles. The compositions reflect Shout’s life-trajectory through Southern Africa – his family’s emigration from Zimbabwe, his formative years in the Namib desert and his spiritual homecoming to the slopes of Table Mountain where he now resides. The music is infused with the sounds and souls of the music and musicians Dan has been exposed to and with whom he has performed – luminaries such as Winston Mankunku Ngozi, Darryl Andrews, Mike Campbell and Johnny Clegg to name a few.

By Martin Wolfaardt.


Dan Shout (tenor sax/clarinet)
Marc de Kock (tenor sax, flute)
Justin Bellairs (alto sax/soprano sax/tenor sax)
Sisonke Xonti (tenor sax)
Mike Bester/Gorm Helfjord (guitar)
Andrew Ford (piano)
Benjamin Jeptha/Sibusiso Matsimela (bass)
Marlon Witbooi/Kevin Gibson (drum kit)

About the Music:

Escape From Freedom is a song about a train journey that my mother took in the early 80’s, emigrating from Zimbabwe to South Africa, when I was a toddler and she was extremely pregnant with my younger sister. She had to do the journey on her own as my father was following at a later stage. It’s a song about leaving your place of birth behind and starting a new life completely from scratch.

Hanepoot is composed by good friend and legendary Capetonian musician, Darryl Andrews. Hanepoot is a type of sweet grape grown in the Western Cape, used as a dessert fruit and for sweet wine making. One can see street vendors in the Cape selling it on the street.

Etosha (meaning Great White Place) is a song about a game park in the North of Namibia. Most of the game park is a huge, salt pan bigger than the size of Switzerland and one of my favourite places to be. Time stands still, the sunsets are amazing and it’s great to be so close to wildlife.

For Big B is a song composed for my mother who, along with my father, played a imperative role in my musical upbringing. She was the person who first took me to formal music lessons, bought me my first guitar, clarinet, piano and saxophone with money that she had saved from running her own home business, teaching Shorthand and computer software courses. A believe that a large part of my entrepreneurial spirit comes from having learnt how to run a S.M.E. from my mom. She is also a great patchwork quilter, so this song is meant to have influences from different parts of my musical upbringing, such as Classical music and jazz.

Justa Bitta Banter is a reharmonised blues, in which I try to capture some of the wit and cheek of one of my favourite comedians, Lee Nelson.

Heavy Days is a song which has an unusual harmonic rhythm, which is meant to depict those times when life is not very straight forward. Every now and again we all go through some challenging times and sometimes you just need to ride the storm until you come out the other side.

Tea With Alvin is a song about a time I stayed a little too late at legendary Capetonian guitarist, Alvin Dyers’ jam session at Swingers in Wetton on Monday night. Alvin thought it might be a good idea to have a cup of tea before we headed home, which I felt was the responsible thing to do, until I realised that the tea pot was filled with neat, silver tequila. This song takes the listener on a journey from the time I realised what was in the tea pot, until after drinking what was in the tea pot and the feeling I had the next day!

Elephant Encounters is a composition about one of my favourite animals on the planet, the African Elephant. Nothing can prepare one for the magnificence of this graceful, powerful, quiet creature.


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