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Not many people know that I have an identical twin brother named Danie Skree. We were separated shortly after birth, when Danie was kidnapped by a gang of baboons whilst we picnicked with the family in the Zimbabwean bushveld. We were reacquainted decades later, when I heard the sound of an out-of-tune saxophone resonating through the hills of the Sun City Resort. Initially, I thought it was someone playing one of my albums, but it was in fact, my long lost twin who was warming up for his gig with the Baboon Beat Big Band. When we saw each other, the resemblance was uncanny and we were only too happy to learn that we had reconnect as long lost siblings!

Danie recently sent me his first book for beginner saxophone players, which can be downloaded here, MAHALA! All the backing tracks for both Bb and Eb can be found on all digital streaming platforms. 

Danie Skree: Bio
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