Check out TSgt Tedd Baker’s tenor saxophone solo on “Lately” by Stevie Wonder as recorded by the Airmen of Note on their album iTempo Latino. I was very lucky to hear the Airmen of Note featuring Peter Erskine at the I.A.J.E. Conference in Long Beach, California in January 2005 and was totally blown away by the band. I bought their CD after the performance and just fell in love with Ted’s solo on this tune, arranged as a Bossa Nova by Chuck Loeb.

Firstly, Tedd’s solo is really melodic. I love his rhythmic approach; for example the rhythmic anticipations he utilises in the opening line of the solo, his use of triplets, the pushing and pulling or rubber-banding of the time and then unleashing of a few double time lines. I also love his use of sequences, how he utilises the high range of the saxophone and how concise the solo is, saying so much in only two choruses of solo. I haven’t marked in all the articulations, fall-offs, glisses between notes, etc., but if you’re a beginner, a good exercise would be to print out the transcription and mark those in yourself.

You can listen to the recording here.

You can check out Tedd’s website here.


TSgt Ted Baker’s Solo on “Lately” by Stevie Wonder as transcribed by Dan Shout.

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