I enjoyed doing a big band and improvisation workshop at Ashville College in Harrogate. There were some wonderful, young musicians with a lot of talent led by the highly capable Mr. Ross Simpson.
It was great to reconnect with the Echo 42 chaps in Harrogate again on this trip and even better to hear them play Mike Campbell’s arrangement of my tune, “Etosha”.
It’s always nice to catch up with the folks at the Wigan Music Services. There is some real talent there! Looking forward to hearing the developments when I next return!
It was a highlight to play with the Dan Whieldon Trio at the Wigan Jazz Club and Jazz at the Inkwell in Leeds.
With the legendary trumpeter, Linley Hamilton at No Alibi’s Bookstore in Belfast.
With the legendary Linley Hamilton and his quartet at No Alibi’s Bookstore in Belfast. A great venue for jazz!
It was great to play at Bert’s Jazz Bar at the Merchant Hotel in Belfast.
It was great to play at Bert’s Jazz Bar at the Merchant Hotel in Belfast with a great band, including Barry McCrudden on vocals.
I really enjoyed my lec-dem at the Cork City Library with the legendary Mo ‘O Connor on guitar.
We had a great afternoon hanging out, talking and rehearsing at John Philip Murray’s house with Dave Fleming on bass. Great guys!
It was an honour to be interviewed by Tony Clayton-Lea from the Irish Times alongside Monty Alexander and Sarah McKenzie.
With the two legends that are PJ Duffy and Ian Darrington at the Cork School of Music.
It was an honour to perform at the first-ever official Ronnie Scott’s Stage at the Guinness Cork Jazz Fest! (Pic with thanks to Pete Shout)

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