Saxophonist - Cape Town, South Africa

Saxophonist, Dan Shout
Saxophonist, Dan Shout

Saxophonist, Dan Shout (Team Team Photography)

Dan Shout with Johnny Clegg
Dan Shout with Johnny Clegg

Dan Shout with Johnny Clegg in Avignon, France (Olivier Hudner Photography)

Dan Shout with Johnny Clegg
Dan Shout with Johnny Clegg

Dan Shout with Johnny Clegg, Kirstenbosch Gardens, Cape Town (Margie de Villiers Photography)

Saxophonist, Dan Shout
Saxophonist, Dan Shout

Saxophonist, Dan Shout (Team Team Photography)

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New Single Out Now!

Check out Dan's new track, 'Autumn in Rondebosch' AVAILABLE ON ALL DIGITAL STREAMING PLATFORMS! The tune was arranged for jazz quartet + string quartet by Mike Campbell and features special guests, Karl vanden Bossche and Simply Strings Quartet.



Respected Insights

Chad LB (Saxophonist, New York, NY)

Dan Shout is a remarkable saxophonist with a beautiful, warm sound and a deeply expressive approach to improvisation.

Adam Larson (Saxophonist, UMKC Conservatory, Kansas City, USA)

Dan's saxophone sound floats effortlessly over the top of lush strings and percussion on a beautifully crafted original composition “Autumn in Rondebosch”. Dan’s use of space and expertly-timed interactions between himself and the band, make for excellent story-telling that reflect the composition’s back-story. If this track is an indication of the music yet to come from Dan’s forthcoming record, I eagerly await the release with high expectations!

Marc de Kock (Saxophonist, Cape Town, South Africa

What a fantastic composition by Dan Shout. His playing is tasteful and inspiring, and supported so beautifully by the amazing band. The strings create a sense of calmness, and really complete the composition with such finesse. This is truly a little taste of Jobim from a outstanding South African musician

Dr. Gordon Vernick (Trumpeter, Coordinator of Jazz Studies at Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA)

Reminds me of some of visiting the beautiful wine farms and sitting outside overlooking the vineyard-----the warm sun on the face and then a cool fragrant breeze gently wafting through.  Feeling the 1st warm buzz of a medium to full bodied red wine; maybe a shiraz or pinotage. 
Listening to this recording brings to mind the way a fine wine evenly coats your pallet--- then add some aged Italian cheese and crackers to the mix.  Together with the company of the finest people in the world and it creates an outstanding balance.


Upcoming Gigs

Jack Daniel's Jazz Jam hosted by Dan Shout every Monday at Fat Harry's in Harfield from 19:00 - 22:00. Booking highliy advised: 021 879 2351

Dan Shout Trio at the Fat Harry's Sunday Grill from 12:30 - 14:30. R149 for a 3 course meal and kids under 10 eat free!

Pic with thanks to SEED Media


Dan Shout is a respected, sought-after saxophonist based in Cape Town, South Africa. He has performed in over 30 countries across five continents with the likes Johnny Clegg, Winston Mankunku, Maria Schneider and Gordon Vernick (USA), Paul Booth, Dave O' Higgins, Steve Waterman, AJ Brown and Dan Whieldon (UK), Frode Nymo (NO), Per Thornberg and Nils Landgren (SWE) to name a few.

Shout’s original compositions reflect his life-trajectory through Southern Africa – his family’s emigration from Zimbabwe, his formative years in the Namib Desert and his spiritual homecoming to the slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town where he now resides. The music is infused with the sounds and souls of the music and musicians Dan has been exposed to and with whom he has performed.

Some of his career highlights include performing at the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival (Ireland), North Sea Jazz Festival in the Hague (Netherlands), the Montreal Jazz Festival (Canada), the Soccer World Cup (Germany), Rugby World Cup (France), Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Concert at Ellis Park (Johannesburg), for the Prince & Princess at the Monaco Opera House (Monaco), Victoria Jazz Club in Oslo (Norway), Wigan International Jazz Festival (England), the Edinburgh International Jazz & Blues Festival (Scotland), on Bastille Day in Bastille, Paris (France) and for President Zuma’s Inauguration at the Union Buildings in Pretoria (South Africa).



Cape Town, South Africa

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