Check out my YouTube play list of several of the bands with whom I’ve performed and recorded over the years.

  1. “Bullets for Bafazan” with Johnny Clegg at Couleur Cafe, Belgium, 2007.
  2. “Challenge Accepted” by Dan Shout and ‘In With a Shout’
  3. “Hanky Panky” by Dexter Gordon with Paul Booth (U.K), Andrew Ford, Romy Brauteseth and Kevin Gibson
  4. “Hanepoot” by Darryl Andrews by ‘In With a Shout’.
  5. “Etosha” by Dan Shout and ‘In With a Shout’.
  6. “Elephant Encounters” by Dan Shout and ‘In With a Shout’
  7. “Z.I.M.” by Dan Shout feat. Jason Guile.
  8. Johnny Clegg Band Video in Monte Carlo (Magic Carpet Ride soundtrack)
  9. “Serenading Ghosts” mini-documentary on recording album overnight in Kolmanskop Ghost Town in Namibia.
  10. “Tea With Alvin” by Dan Shout.
  11. “Smile” as performed by Dexter Gordon transcribed by Dan Shout.
  12. “Johnny Clegg” Human Tour Band Video.

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