In With a Shout - Secret Weapons available August 3rd, 2018 from Pathway Records (U.K.).

Sheet Music: Beer Jersey Boogaloo by Dan Shout (In With a Shout – Secret Weapons, Pathway Records (U.K.) 2018)

To celebrate the release of my brand new 'In With a Shout' album, Secret Weapons, I decided to share the lead sheet of my composition, Beer Jersey Boogaloo, for anyone who may want to jam it. I love artists like Horace Silver, Lee Morgan and James Brown, so I tried to compose something in a Soul-Jazz/Boogaloo style to tip my hat to those legends. It's meant to be a fun tune that you can let rip a bit of blues and bebop on! Enjoy! [pdf-embedder url="" title="Beer Jersey Boogaloo (11 Apr 2018) – Tenor Sax"] [pdf-embedder url="" title="Beer Jersey Boogaloo (11 Apr 2018) – Piano"] [pdf-embedder url="" title="Beer Jersey Boogaloo…
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